• In the daily life, habits like coffee, tea and smoking changes the colours of teeth and a large number of people are not happy about colours of their teeth. İndividuals with the excessive level of tooth discoloration may lose their self-confidence.
  • At our dental clinics located in Antalya, you can bleach your teeth by means of laser technology within only few hours without any pain.
How many types of bleaching methods do exist?

  • At our Clinic;
  • 1- Office type bleaching by means of laser technology
  • 2- House type bleaching
  • 3- Single tooth bleaching
  • 4- Combined bleaching (office type + house type) are implemented.
Which is the best tooth bleaching method?

  • When you visit our clinic, our doctors will decide on the bleaching method according to result of your dental examination. Condition of your teeth and targeted whiteness level will determine the bleaching type.
How do you administer office type bleaching through laser?

  • At our clinic, your doctor applies a protective barrier in order to protect your gums and then puts bleaching gel on your teeth. A strong light source which activates this gel is directed into your mouth and roughly after 1 hour, your teeth become 2-3 times whiter.
What is the house type bleaching?

  • At our clinic, firstly, your doctor measures the size of your teeth and approximately within 30 minutes, transparent plates, which are special for you, are prepared. Dentists of our clinic will give you tubes consisting of gel that you can apply inside these plates at home and explain you in detail how to apply this gel into plates and how to clean your plates. The gel you apply into your plates at home and plates you place on your teeth will stay in your mouth around 4-6 hours. Duration of the treatment is averagely 7-10 ........
Is it possible to have more successful results via combined treatment?

  • In order to achieve the targeted whiteness in the fastest and effective way possible and a long-standing, permanent and successful bleaching, our clinic recommends the combined bleaching treatment method. Our patients who continue their treatment with house type bleaching within 2-3 days following the office type bleaching always achieve a higher whitening level and efficiency.
To which circumstances should I pay attention after my teeth are whitened?

  • You should pay attention not to consume any foodstuff or beverage that contains colouring agents within 2-3 weeks following the bleaching operation. We recommend you to stay away from smoking, tea, coffee, wine and fizzy drinks. Otherwise, the level of whiteness may reduce.

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